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In 1936 Ferris was set up to produce car radios by two brothers George and Bill Ferris.
Like a lot of other companies during war time their efforts were switched to help the war effort.

After the war they were joined by their cousin Jack Ferris.
At some point the brothers and cousin had a discussion about how they could not get train sets for the 1946 Christmas due to post war shortages and this led to the resolution to start manufacturing toy trains. This continued on all the way to 1958 when thy stopped producing toy trains and focused back on producing radios and televisions.
If you would like a more in depth history I recommend by the book 'Spring Spark & Steam' by Bruce MacDonald which is listed in my reference section.

Ferris Articles
I have been fortunate enough to of been provided several articles written by Stuart Mangleson on Ferris.
Feel free to download and read at your pleasure for personal use only.

Ferris Fast Electric Parcel Vans
Ferris NSWGR C36 Steam Locomotives
Ferris F53 Diesel Electric

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