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Hi, as you may have guessed this site is dedicated to Australian toy steam engines. There seems to be a lot of information about British, German and American toy steam engines but very little about Australian toy steam engines which I hope to rectify with this site. I expect this site to grow slowly over time as I manage to find information out about engines and variations.
Over 20 years ago my grandfather gave me a toy steam engine that had been his as a boy. I loved that engine but unfortunately broke it by running it dry.
It then was sat on my shelf in my room at my parents house for the next 14 years until I collected it and took it back to my home.
After looking at it for another five years I finally decided to try and fix it and while pondering how to fix it I went on holiday to the UK where I purchased several English engines to play with before I attempted to repair my grandfather's engine and that was that, I've been hooked since.
I now know my grandfather's engine was a Renown and have learnt considerably a lot more about Australian engines which I hope to share on this site and hopefully learn more from other like minded people.
Have a browse, look at the pictures and let me know if it helped you or you have other information that could help this site. Not to mention if you have an Australian engine you no longer want please let me know.

Oh and please drop by
The Unofficial Mamod and Other Steam Forum for a chat which is the busiest forum on the web about Toy steam.

Tony Muir
tmuir12  at

Recent Changes

21/11/07 Added photos of Renown Windmill
26/11/07 Added Scorpion Horizontal Engine Details.
25/12/07 Added Renown 1150 Loco Photo
30/12/07 Added some more information about the Steamco Marine engine and launch

6/1/08    Added Scorpion 0-4-0 loco details and photo
12/1/08  Added photos of a more complete Renown Steam Roller
23/1/08 Added some more information about LJP the Renown maker and prices from Hobbyco in the 50s.
29/1/08 Numerous additions, several more brands and more photos of existing brands, too many to add links to. Just have a browse
5/2/08 Added even more photos and a Contact Me page.
25/2/08 Added information and photos of Dikta engines
4/3/08 Started a restoration page, still a lot to add here.
16/4/08 Added some information about Eric Jeanerette Verticals and photos
27/5/08 Added another plan page for Renown Windmills in the Restoration Section and made them easier to download.
27/7/08 Updated Renown Vertical and added photos of box and funnel
12/8/08 Added Scorpion 4-4-0 loco and Wagons page, added a photo on Haynes, added extra photos on Scorpion  0-4-0 and added photos of Renown Roller box
20/8/08 Updated dates and added advert of Haussegger engine
24/11/08 Added photos of the cast aluminium Scorpion rolling stock
11/3/09 Updated and added new information on the Scorpion Vertical and added more photos and a video on Renown Windmill and more 6363 loco, Scorpion wagon pictures and a new Victor loco photo
25/7/09 Updated Kookaburra information and added sales brochures.
26/7/09 Added photos of the Eric Jeanerette 454 and a new brand Winwood
8/11/10 Added 'The Mac', A downloadable PDF of the Scorpion 1077 loco  instructions has been added, Added photos of a Monarch engine and box which is a renamed Weldon and tips on how to improve the performance of the Adelaide 0-4-0 loco
19/11/10 Added Instructions for Cranko Engines
6/4/11 Added information on Prototype Model Railways
1/6/11 Added Stuart Mangleson's articles on the Scorpion 1077 locos and Robilt Tank Wagons
8/6/11 Added Stuart Mangleson's article on the Robilt Spirit of Progress Locomtive
28/6/11 Added Stuart Mangleson's article on the Robilt Electric 0-6-0 Tender Locomotives
1/9/11 Added a scan of the Renown Roller Instructions and photos of my boxed Renown 1150 loco
3/10/11 Added a page with photos of a Mandurah Steam Engine
25/10/11 Added 3 articles on Ferris Engines
17/11/11 Added photos and a video of an Eric Jeanerette 453
7/1/12 Added Presco page
15/1/12 Added Maurlyn Manufacturing page
15/1/12 Added sketches to machine a Renown safety valve and Scorpion SV, piston and cylinder on restoration page
16/1/12 Added more photos Of Prototype Model Railways rolling stock
2/3/12 Added pictures of reproduction Decals of Renown and Scorpion as well as Mamod and Bowman to my Restoration page and contact details to buy
15/7/12 Added a new brand of toy steam engine K-DEE

14/7/14 Added a newspaper article about Eugnellla Steam

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