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K-Dee Model 0
This brand is only a recent discovery by me.
I recently acquired a very nice complete boxed example of this engine.

K-Dee was manufactured by Technitoy PTY LTD Australia

I know very little about Technitoy and would welcome any extra information about them.

The providence of this engine puts it fairly in the mid 1930s, so makes it a rare pre-war Australian brand.
What makes this even more interesting is Hobbyco the famous Hobby shop in Sydney that now resides in the Queen Victory building originally started in the mid 1930s under the ownership of Robert Lowe as a toy and hobby store in Chatswood.

He then started to produce kits of model aeroplanes under the name 'K-DEE' which was his wife's maiden name initials.

The store was known as K-Dee until 1947 when it changed it's name to Hobbyco.
If you have a look at page 128 in the book  'Spring, Spark & Steam' by Bruce Macdonald it has an advert from 1938 with the name K-DEE and the tophat logo which is also on the box of this engine.
Going on this evidence I think its fair to surmise that this 'K-DEE' engine was made by Technitoy for the K-DEE Hobby SHop
This first picture has it standing next to a Renown just to show how small it is.
Notice the burner and funnel in front of the engine.

A few more for good measure





The glue on the box had long gone allowing me to scan it flat

Warning Tag that came with the engine

The only other information I have so far being able to find about Technitoy are two adverts placed in the Sydney Morning Herald in 1946.
Here is the October 10 advert.

In looking up the address in the advert I found on a real estate web site this address listed for lease.
The advert read'

684 Pacific Highway Killara

  Property Size: 400 sqm

  Warehouse Size: 400 sqm

  Parking Details: 3 spaces

Tired ,old warehouse/workshop type space suitable for a variety of uses. Located at the rear of Bathroom and Swimming Pool shops.'

Some quick maths tells me that 400sqm is about 4300 square feet, so it looks like Technitoy wanted to downsize by half the factory space..
Was this due to Technitoy previously being involved in the war effort and now trying to scale down, or just after the war they could not find the market to return to prewar volumes?

2007 Tony Muir unless stated otherwise. Should you wish to use any photos though just ask and permission will most likely be given