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Kookaburra Steam Company
The Kookaburra Steam Company was based in NSW Australia and it would appear that in some time during 2008 it went out of business for an unknown reason.

They produced an 001 Overtype model and an 001 S that had a whistle, pressure gauge, and were planning on bringing out a Mill and a traction engine.
I am unsure if any of the mill or traction engines were sold but at least one TE was made as there were photos of it on their website.
Kookaburra engines were very much aimed at the model collector rather than the general steamer with high quality cast parts, good looks and high prices.
All there models have an individual serial number.

Here are a few photos of my 001 Overtype

I've just recently received original Kookaburra Brochures from  Grahame Chaseling. Click on them for larger images.
The TE brochure suffered water damage in storage as these are inkjet pintouts so I am guessing they are very early brochures.

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