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Maurlyn Manufacturing PTY LTD
Maurlyn is believed to have started business around 1941 producing toys, but did not start manufacturing trains until early 1948.

The initial train they  offered was a clockwork model of VRs Spirit of Progress made from sheet aluminium.
It was supplied in a set consisting of the loco, tender, coach and an oval of track.
It was called 'Silver Chief'

Next they produced an electric version of the Spirit of Progress and it was called 'Gold Chief'

My poor example of a Gold Chief minus its tender.

They also produced a crane,van and a lithographed car.

In 1951 they produced another loco based on a 4-6-2 NSW C38 prototype, these were green,red or maroon with yellow linings.

At some point in the late 50s Maurlyn ceased making toys.

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