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Haussegger / Parken Engineering Equipment Company
The Parken Engineering toy steam engine was originally built by Arpad (Pardy) Haussegger 1945 . Pardy built the steam engines out of his shed until partnering with Ken Pizzey to form PARKEN Engineering.
Parken acquired a factory in Clayton and from the success of the steam engines developed  into one of Australia’s precision machine builders. The machines built are Bench and pedestal Drills and Grinders, Foam Cutters, and custom built designs.
Parken engineering is currently run by Michael and Karl Haussegger ( sons of Pardy) whom used to make parts for the steam engines for 1 Ha’penny per piston (0.5c).The  Company was based in Canterbury, Melbourne, Victoria Australia and made from atleast 1948 and probably up to the late 50s or early 60s.

The Steamco STC-01 bears great resemblance to the Parken engine and the Parken was possibly the inspiration for it.
Parken only ever produced one model, but during the 1970s they did another limited production run of 400 engines for one customer.
It is currently believed these 400 engines were fitted with square cylinders instead of round and have minor other differences from the originals.
Some of the stats on this engine are:
Sheet metal base measuring 14.5 x 18.2 cm and a die-cast flywheel which is just under 4.9 cm in diameter.
The brass boiler is 12 cm in length and 4.5 cm in diameter.
The engine is  made from brass parts and has an oscillating cylinder with a bore of about 8 mm.

I have seen several variations on the burner and they seemed to of used what ever tin they could get.

Box lid from a Parken Engine

Photo courtesy of Peter Watson

photos ©2007 flywheel61

photos ©2007 flywheel61

photos ©2007 flywheel61

photos ©2007 flywheel61

Courtesy of Peter Watson and the Jack Little collection

Here is the Haussegger decal.

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