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Renown History

Note: This is a reproduction Logo and may vary slightly from original

Leonard John Pugh was born in London in 1906*(see note below) and immigrated to Australia in 1912.
He apprenticed as a Fitter and Turner. When his employer experienced financial difficulties during the depression he offered to take over the business and in 1931 began trading under his own name.During the war he made munition parts but as the war finished he had an idea to make toys filling the void created by the war.
So in 1945 he registered the name 'Renown' to cover the manufacturing of toys and started his manufacturing at his factory in Barry Avenue, Mortdale, Sydney
First he made some toy tool sets and then he moved into model steam.

He made four models:

Vertical Engine (model 101)
Vertical engine with windmill
Steam Roller (model 105)
'O' gauge 0-4-0T loco

And during the course of production used two logos

The logo on the right is a reproduction and may very slightly from the original.

By the late 1950s foreign imports of toys had returned to Australia and the downturn in sales made him cease making toys in 1958.
LJP passed away in 1984 ages 80.

In the 1951 catalogue for Hobbyco Pty Ltd, in 561 George St Sydney the Renown Vertical was listed at 39/6 ($3.95)
In the 1954 catalogue it lists it at 78/9 ($7.87)

Also a another vertical bought in between 1950 and 51 still in its box has the price 28/- ($2.80) bought from Hobbyco so it can be seen the price fairly quickly rose on these

*In Australian Model Engineering Issue87 November-December 1999 Letter Box he is listed as being born in 1904 and emigrated in 1910.

Scan 2007 Steamyman

Instructions for Vertical Model

Scan 2007 Steamyman

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