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Renown 'O' gauge Loco
The last model Renown was to produce was an 'O' gauge 0-4-0T loco which was based on the Bowman 300.
It was 9 inches long and 4 1/4 inches high. The safety valve was hidden inside the chimney and they had a brass plate embossed with 1150 on the side.
It had a brass or copper boiler that was lacquered and the body painted green.

Photo Kindly supplied by Murray Wilson

Photo of a Brass and a Copper Boiler Renown 1150 locos provided by Peter Watson

My Renown 1150 Loco
This is something I have been after for some time, and something I never thought I would get.
A boxed example of a Renown 1150 loco.
I do not know of any other boxed examples of this loco, although now I've said this I'm sure I will get other people telling me they have boxed examples.




Price written on the underside of the box.
Is this what it sold for new?

It needs some very minor work done before I can steam it and hopefully soon I will find the time to do so.

2007 Tony Muir unless stated otherwise. Should you wish to use any photos though just ask and permission will most likely be given