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The Renown Vertical (Model 101)
The Vertical was the first steam toy that was offered by Renown.
It is rumoured that the boiler was made from war surplus 57mm shell cases and was meths fired.
It has a cast iron base and all other components except crankshaft being made out of brass.
The flywheel spoked and cast brass.
I have noted there are several variations of this engine they are:

Safety valve and whistle only

photo 2007 flywheel61

Safety Valve, whistle and overflow plug

Photo courtesy of Greg Edwards

Safety valve, whistle, overflow plug and filling plug
(No photo yet)

There are also to types of piston rod assembles.
One has a brass rod with a brass ring on the end to connect onto the crank.

The other is made from a flat metal sheet.

This is the standard burner that came with all Renown Verticals and Windmills

Photo Courtesy of Wallace from TUMOSF

The filling funnel that came with the Vertical

Photo courtesy of Greg Edwards

A boxed set

Photo courtesy of Greg Edwards

Photo courtesy of Greg Edwards

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