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Renown Windmill
This was the second steam toy that Renown produced.
It was basically the vertical engine taken off its cast base and fitted onto a large rectangular cast base with a windmill and water pump on it, driven by the engine.
In later models the cast iron base was replaced with a pressed steel one.
The early models featured a large cast brass pulley while the later models had a sheet metal pulley.
Also it was made with or without the filler bolt.
If you need to make a replacement part for this engine I have some plans for parts of these engines which were made by a fellow collector who has given me permission to make them available here. Either go to the Restoration section or click here.

2007 Brandt

2007 Brandt

My Under Restoration Renown Windmill and my complete but Repainted windmill

Twin Windmills Running
Here I have my original and my restored Renown Windmills running at the same time.

2007 Tony Muir unless stated otherwise. Should you wish to use any photos though just ask and permission will most likely be given