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Restoring Australian Engines
There are many good websites about how to restore toy steam engines so I won't go into too much generic detail just as to specifics for Australian brands.
For a general soldering guide have a look at 'Mamodman's' Website.
Just be aware that a number of Australian toy steam engine's boilers are made from rolled sheet not tube so its best avoided if at all possible opening up the boiler.

Kevin in the UK makes reproduction parts for many toy steam engines including Renowns and Scorpions and this is a link to his online shop.

Below I'll give drawings and hints and tips to Australian models which will slowly grow over time.

Renown engines
Common Parts
Bush for Safety Valve and whistle

Safety Valve

Large pulley dimensions. The drawing doesn't show the V grove for the belt or the grub screw for the axle, but if you have the ability to machine the part I'm guessing you will be able to figure out that bit.

Renown Windmill
A fellow collector is in the process of restoring a Renown windmill and in the process is drawing up a great set of plans of the parts and he has kindly given me permission to make them available here in pdf format.
Thanks Bryce.
Windmill Blade Assembly
Base Plate
Top Half of Windmill Assembly

Scorpion Engines
Please excuse my hand drawn sketches, but I am not a draftsman, but they will provide you all the dimensions to make the parts.

Scorpion Vertical

Piston and cylinder plan for machining replacement parts

Plan for making a Reproduction Scorpion Safety valve

A reproduction SV I made next to an original.


A fellow Australian collector, Chris produces the above reproduction decals, plus a few others.
They are water slide gold foil backed and are the best reproduction decals I'm aware of, not to mention the only ones for Renown and Scorpion engines.
If you are after any good quality reproduction decals for your steam engine I suggest you send Chris an email.
Here is his email address
Don't forget to tell him you found out about him via the Australian Toy Steam Website.

2007 Tony Muir unless stated otherwise. Should you wish to use any photos though just ask and permission will most likely be given