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Scorpion 0-4-0 Loco
Around 1948/ 49 Model Engineering started producing their first loco.
It was an 0-4-0 tank type for 0 gauge.
Originally they had sand cast wheels then later they were fitted with die cast wheels with 3 holes in the disc.
Very early ones used a vaporising burner but this was soon replaced with a 2 wick burner with  and finally on the third variation the fuel tank was replaced with a paint tin.
The first ones had the boilers made from solid brass tube with the later models being made with 30 gauge rolled brass sheet.
It appears they were made with cast aluminium connecting rods or brass connecting rods.
The safety valves were set top release at 28 psi.
The number 1077 on these locos was chosen simply because it was the street number of Ted Wallis's house.

The loco below has the sand cast wheels and a rolled sheet boiler.

Photo Kindly supplied by Murray Wilson 2008 Murray Wilson

Scorpion 1077 hauling a repainted Scorpion Wagon (Should have a Scorpion decal on the end)
Notice this loco has brass connecting rods not cast aluminium like the one above.

Photo Kindly supplied by Peter Watson

Do you need a copy of the instructions
Click the picture below to get a PDF of the instructions for the second type of these locos.
Instructions kindly supplied by 'Lozza'

Stuart Mangelson from the Hornby Railway Collectors Association of Australia has given me permission to publish here some of his articles.

Please respect Stuart's copyright of these works
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Stuarts article on the Scorpion 1077 0-4-0 loco

My 1077
I recently acquired two 1077 locos in non running condition.
I've so far got one running again, maybe a little too well as can be seen from this short video.

I've since tamed the loco and it now runs well.
It may be scruffy but its mine and I'm happy with it.

2007 Tony Muir unless stated otherwise. Should you wish to use any photos though just ask and permission will most likely be given