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Scorpion 4-4-0 Loco
Around 1952 the 4-4-0 loco was developed with a 6 wheel tender.
The chassis, cab, firebox wrapper and the tender were all steel sheet pressings.
The number 6363 was put on the tender and loco side.

The loco could be bought separately or as a set with open wagons

The photos below of the box set have all been kindly supplied by Phil Bicknell.
This loco is missing it's front wheels but otherwise in very good condition.

Leigh's Scorpion 6363 set
Here is another lovely 6363 loco in it's box.
If only I could find myself one................

This is a lovely set and obviously the 'fat Controller' approves too.

2007 Tony Muir unless stated otherwise. Should you wish to use any photos though just ask and permission will most likely be given