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Scorpion Horizontal Engine
This was the first complete steam plant that Model Engineering produced.
The boiler is a simple affair. It is made from a rolled sheet of brass with just a safety valve and a hole for the steam pipe and sometimes a filler plug.
It is held into the firebox by a screw soldered into one of the boiler's endcaps.
You will notice it uses the same flywheel and safety valve as the vertical model.
There are a few of variations to this model.
  1.  The firebox opening at the funnel end could be square or round. Don't know when this change took place but do know of an engine with the square opening that was a Christmas present in 1948. The round ones also has an extra hole above it in the firebox to make it easier to tighten the nut that holds the boiler in place.
  2. It appears that this model came with or without a filler plug on top of the boiler.
  3. The firebox could come in red or black paint
  4. The piston was made with or without oil grooves. I have only so far seen the grooves on red firebox models.
Here is my example of the round holed firebox model.
Note this model has been heavily restored and all paintwork and decal is new and the funnel is a modern replacement.

This picture shows the round opening in the firebox and the hole to access the nut.

The firebox is held onto the base simply by bent tags.

What it looked like when I received it.

I've just recently acquired a black firebox example of this engine too but it unfortunately is in need of a full restoration which I will probably do some time early in 2008.

2007 Tony Muir unless stated otherwise. Should you wish to use any photos though just ask and permission will most likely be given