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Online Resources
  • The Unofficial Mamod and Other Steam Forum Online forum about toy and model steam. You will find me here most nights as well as a number of other Australian members plus many other people from around the world.
  • Toy Steam Bible Online database of numerous toy steam engines from around the world. If your engine isn't in it submit it to help other people identify their engines.
  • History Toy German website, with some English translations on old toys. Has an online database of toy steam engines, Mainly German brands but but is expanding into other makes as well.

  • Spring Spark & Steam by Bruce Macdonald. The best (and only) book I'm aware of that covers Australian manufactures of steam toys from the 1930s until the mid 60s.It is mainly written about Australian 'O' gauge toy and model trains but has a lot of information about steam toys too. Can be bought online from here.

  • Australian Model Engineering Magazine, issue 87, November - December 1999,   Letter Box Section: Has 3 letters written in response to Clinton Taylors request for more information on Renown engines and has basic timeline of Renown engines and costs of the Vertical engines from Hobbyco in Sydney

Places to Buy parts
There are not many places where you can buy parts for Australian made toy steam, but as I come across websites I will list them here

ITA sells safety valves for Renown and Scorpion steam engines this is to their store front page ITA
Or if you prfer to jump directly to their page that has the Safety Valves on it Go Here

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